ZIET MYSORE started functioning from April, 2004 in   Siddharthnagar, Mysore. Shri. S.M. Saleem, Director of the   Institute assumed the duties from 10.05.2004. subsequent to his transfer to KVS,   Kolkata region, Dr. E.T. Arasu took over the charge as the Director of the   institute on 01.06.2010. On up-gradation of the post of Director, to the grade   of Deputy Commissioner, Shri. S. Selvaraj, Deputy Commissioner took over the   charge of the Institute on 03.08.2011.  Presently it is functioning   in the new premises opposite to Kendriya Vidyalaya, Mysore. The Institute has   a Training Centre, Hostel and Staff Quarters spread over an area of 5.0 acres.   The Hostel is well equipped and can accommodate 116 trainees at a time where   boarding facilities are also available. It has two air-conditioned VIP suites.


  1.        To cater to the training needs of all the employees of the K.V.S.
  2.        To ensure that the participants are provided training in the areas of subject expertise, Communication Skills, Class room transaction Skills, Evaluation Skills and student-development skills.
  3.        To pursue excellence in education and set the pace in the field of training.
  4.        To ensure that the teachers develop positive work culture and attitude through training.
  5.        To develop a healthy attitude in teachers towards research in school education.




  1.        To train various categories of Teaching and Non-Teaching employees.
  2.        To plan and ensure quality training to the teachers and others for their development to meet the goals set by KVS (HQ).
  3.        To promote research, innovation and experimentation in classroom teaching.
  4.        To conduct research for bringing about structural and functional changes in Education and Training.
  5.        To plan and propose the new areas and strategies required to be incorporated during the training programme.
  6.        To improve the training skills, infrastructures and other requirements of trainees based on the feedback of past courses.